Update LoadGen Agents

After upgrading LoadGen you will need to update your LoadGen Agents and your LoadGen Add-ins.


  1. Start the LoadGen Director.
  2. Open the active Canvas.
  3. Go to the tab page:
    1. Citrix Basic: LoadGen Agents;
    2. Citrix Enhanced: LoadGen Agents and Citrix Add-ins;
    3. Windows Virtual Desktop: LoadGen Agents and WVD Agents;
    4. Microsoft Remote Desktop: LoadGen Agents and RDS Add-ins;
    5. VMware Horizon: LoadGen Agents and VMware Agents;
    6. Fat Client: Test machines.
  4. Press the Manage button.
  5. Press the Install button.


  1. Login to the machine with the LoadGen Agent or LoadGen Add-in installed.
  2. Stop the LoadGen services.
  3. Follow these articles (which apply):
    1. Is it possible to install the LoadGen Agent manually?
    2. Is it possible to install the LoadGen Add-in manually?
  4. Start the LoadGen services.
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