LoadGen Director: Configure

The Configure tabpage is where you can find the overview of your test and test infrastructure. Your Canvas helps you to configure your Testusers, LoadGen Agents, Load Scenario (LoadGen Load & Performance Testing) or Schedule and Target Environment (LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring) and select your Test Flow.

LoadGen Director Configure: Ribbon

The Ribbon in the configure lets you add, load, and manage your Canvas.

  • Load a canvas: lets you load a saved test profile to your canvas. You can create different canvasses for specific technologies (i.e. Citrix, Remote Desktop Service, VMware of Fat Client) or different testscripts (Flows).

  • Add a canvas: let's you create a new canvas. The first step in creating a new canvas is to choose what target environment you want to use. After selecting the target environment LoadGen will open the corresponding window. You will need to complete all the tabs to create a valid profile.

  • Manage canvasses: this will allow you to edit, copy and delete saved canvasses.

  • Refresh Canvas: refreshes your canvas.
  • Canvas options: gives you a few extra options to change the appearance of your canvas.

  • Export to image: you can save an image of your canvas, to a file location on your workstation or server.

LoadGen Director Configure: Canvas

The Canvas shows you a summary of your configured test. It shows you what flows, are linked to which specific Testusers and LoadGen Agents, to be executed in what monitoring Schedule or Load scenario, and for what target environment.

  • When you hover over one of the icons you will see a tooltip with more details about that section.
  • When you double click on one of the icons you will open a new window where you can change your configuration.

Changing configuration of your Test

Check out the articles about Flows, Testusers, LoadGen Agents, Monitoring Schedule, Load Scenario and Target Environment in the designated article. See related article list on the right hand side.

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