Release: LoadGen

Release date

May 2nd, 2018

LoadGen General

  • Updated licensing mechansim to allow multiple users, each with their own serial number;
  • Added LoadGen Cloud license for future use;
  • Various fixes and small enhancements to the overall UI.

LoadGen Configurator

  • Added ability to create new profiles for LoadGen Cloud;
  • Added ability to edit existing profiles for LoadGen Cloud;
  • Added LoadGen Cloud download package.

LoadGen Studio Cloud

  • Uploading and downloading flows for Service Providers and Tenants;
  • Generating JSON example code to create tests and start test sessions;
  • Validation, authentication and authorization of communication with the LoadGen web api;
  • Receive agent jobs in the LoadGen LoadBot Agent from the LoadGen web api. This includes starting a session, switching desktop sessions and other jobs;
  • Upload testresults to the LoadGen web api.

LoadGen Studio

  • By default the Logon, Initialize, Finalize and Logoff instances now have an empty useractions block;
  • Enhanced visual feedback for longer processes, for flow-related actions such as saving, compiling and removing testresults.

LoadGen Director

  • Updated the canvas to allow multiple flows for Load & Performance Enterprise edition.

LoadGen Director

  • Better handling of sessions that are finished;
  • Support for the LoadGen Cloud.
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