Citrix Enhanced Client error while connecting

In case your company is working with a Workspace Manager such as Ivanti or WEM, the LoadGen - Citrix Enhanced Client can have issues with creating a connection. The error is: The studio could not setup a connection to the server.

LoadGen is extending the Citrix Virtual Channel by starting a process in the context of the user. This is done by the LoadGenUAI ServerAddin Launcher Service. This service detects if a user is connecting to the Remote Desktop and will start the C:\Program Files (x86)\LoadGen\LoadGen ServerAddin\LoadGenUAI.ServerAddin.exe in the context of the connecting user. It's therefore important that the connecting user has the right to start this application. If the user has no rights to start this process the connection can not be made.


Unblock these files

The following files must be unblocked:
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\LoadGen\LoadGen ServerAddin\LoadGenUAI.ServerAddin.exe
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\LoadGen\LoadGen ServerAddin\LoadGenUAI.HookService32.exe
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\LoadGen\LoadGen ServerAddin\LoadGenUAI.HookService64.exe

Test if the user has rights

You can test if the user has the right to start the LoadGenUAI.ServerAddin.exe application by creating a shortcut in the user session.
  1. Start File Explorer
  2. Right-mouse click and choose the Create Shortcut option
  3. Add the following executable C:\Program Files (x86)\LoadGen\LoadGen ServerAddin\LoadGenUAI.ServerAddin.exe
  4. Doubleclick the shortcut

Are you still experiencing issues?

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