Release: LoadGen

Release date

June 8st, 2018

LoadGen General

  • Improved memory handling.

LoadGen Studio Functional

  • Added possibility to copy validations from one block to another block.

LoadGen Studio Cloud

  • Bugfix: Studio would try to update the Agent when now new version is available resulting in an error. 

LoadGen Studio

  • Added Expand All & Collapse All functionality in the context menu.
  • Removed Exit Script / Exit Flow / Exit Application in Initializing and Finalizing Phase. 

LoadGen Director

  • Bugfix: DirectorPort not set by default, this could generate an error in certain cases.

LoadGen Agents

  • Bugfix: Empty Username / Password / Domain would cause the agent to freeze when performing a job.
  • Bugfix: Installing / Removing Agent by command line.
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