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Users are people who can log in to the application and perform some operations based on their permissions.
A user can have zero or more roles. If a user has more than one role, the user inherits all of the permissions of all the selected roles. You can also set user-specific permission. User-specific permissions override role settings for this permission. As an example, if a user has a Customer role and the Customer role has "Editing the dashboards" permission, you can remove "Editing the dashboards" permission from a specific user if you want to. The opposite is also true, so you can grant "Editing the dashboards" permission for a specific user even if none of the roles of that user have "Editing the dashboards" permission.


Create a new user

  1. Create the new role by pressing the Create new User button
  2. Enter the First Name, Surname, Email address, and optional Phone number.
  3. You can optionally:
    1. Set a random password: The LoadGen Cloud will create a random password.
    2. Should change the password on the next login: The user must change the password when he or she is logging on.
    3. Send activation mail: An email will be sent to the newly created user.
    4. Active: Enable or disable the user.
    5. Lockout enabled: The user will be locked after too many wrong password attempts.
  4. One or more roles can be set as default. Default roles are assigned to newly added/registered users by default.


Select the correct role for the new user. Read more about roles in this article.


Organization Units

Select an Organization Unit for the new user. Read more about Organization Units in this article.



User-specific permissions override role settings for this permission.


Excel operations

The user list can be downloaded as an Excel file. Also, new users can be imported from an Excel file. In order to import users from an Excel file, LoadGen requires a specific Excel file format. You can download a sample import template on the user list by clicking the "click here" link under the "Excel operations" dropdown button.


If there are errors while importing users to the LoadGen Cloud database, invalid users will be saved to an Excel file with the reason (validation error message or exception message) and the user who made the import operation will be notified via the LoadGen Cloud notification system. So, the user can click the notification and see the Excel result file, fix the validation errors, and import the failed users again.


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