Systems Under Test (SUT): SUT Machines

Here you can create, edit and delete Systems Under Test (SUT) machines. SUT machines are machines from which you want to collect Performance Counters. You can only use Windows machines at this time, please note that you must allow network traffic from the LoadGen Agent to the remote machine and have a local administrator account.
In the image below you can see an overview of already configured SUT machines.



Create a new SUT Machine

  1. Press the Create new SUT Machine button.
  2. On the Create new Machine section provide the following information:
    1. Name of the SUT Machine, this must be the machine name of the Windows machine from which you want to collect Performance Counters, make sure the machine is correctly registered with DNS otherwise use an IP address here. Also, make sure the LoadGen Agent is able to connect to the remote machine to retrieve Performance Counters. Read more about which TCP ports to open in this article. If you are not sure if you are allowed to retrieve Performance Counters perform the following actions:

      1. Open a remote connection to the LoadGen Agent.
      2. Start PerfMon.exe.
      3. Press the menu Action and Connect to another computer...
      4. Add the computer name (the same name as entered in the SUT Machine Name field).
      5. If you can now create a connection you are good to go.

    2. Add a machine description.
    3. Select the Run as Profile, read more about Run as Profiles in this article.


Edit the SUT Machine

To edit or view the SUT Machine you can click the gearbox icon in the first column of the main page of the specific SUT Machine.


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