Release: LoadGen

Release date

February 26th, 2018

LoadGen General

  • Updated the About screen of the LoadGen Director, LoadGen Analyzer and LoadGen Studio with the latest visuals (2203)

LoadGen Configurator

  • Added a wait window when installing LoadGen Agents (2171) 
  • Removed validation checks on Gateway server when the Gateway option is unchecked (2228) 
  • Fixed the total progress in the Configurator so it no longer jumps from high to low (2229) 
  • Gateway controls remain disabled after checking the Gateway option in the configurator (2238)

LoadGen Director

  • Only the first testuser is included in a L&P test even though the canvas has more testusers (2242)

LoadGen Studio

  • Auto-select first block when testcase or application is double-clicked from the main window (2155)
  • Customizable search area for finding an image (2093)

LoadGen Functional Studio

  • Print the test results immediately from the test results window (2057) 
  • Export the test project summary to a DocX document (2076-a) 
  • Print the test project summary immediately from the main window (2076-b) 
  • Running with an automation file leads to crash on creating database files (2240 & 2241)
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