Compile errors found in flow

Issue: Compile errors found

While trying to play your flow you get the following error message:


Compile errors found
There were some errors in compiling the flow; please check the flow before continuing.
Keyword is not valid as an identifier.


Cause: Keywords cannot be used as an image name

At the moment keywords are reserved, which means that you cannot use them as names for programming elements such as variables or procedures. These include image names that you define in validation on the image.  


Overview of reserved keywords

AddHandler AddressOf Alias And
AndAlso As Boolean ByRef
Byte ByVal Call Case
Catch CBool CByte CChar
CDate CDbl CDec Char
CInt Class Constraint Class Statement CLng
CObj Const Continue CSByte
CShort CSng CStr CType
CUInt CULng CUShort Date
Decimal Declare Default Delegate
Dim DirectCast Do Double
Each Else ElseIf End Statement
End EndIf Enum Erase
Error Event Exit FALSE
Finally For (in For…Next) For Each…Next Friend
Function Get GetType GetXMLNamespace
Global GoSub GoTo Handles
If If() Implements Implements Statement
Imports (.NET Namespace and Type) Imports (XML Namespace) In In (Generic Modifier)
Inherits Integer Interface Is
IsNot Let Lib Like
Long Loop Me Mod
Module Module Statement MustInherit MustOverride
MyBase MyClass Namespace Narrowing
New Constraint New Operator Next Next (in Resume)
Not Nothing NotInheritable NotOverridable
Object Of On Operator
Option Optional Or OrElse
Out (Generic Modifier) Overloads Overridable Overrides
ParamArray Partial Private Property
Protected Public RaiseEvent ReadOnly
ReDim REM RemoveHandler Resume
Return SByte Select Set
Shadows Shared Short Single
Static Step Stop String
Structure Constraint Structure Statement Sub SyncLock
Then Throw To TRUE
Try TryCast TypeOf…Is UInteger
ULong UShort Using Variant
Wend When While Widening
With WithEvents WriteOnly Xor
#Const #Else #ElseIf #End
#If = & &=
* *= / /=
\ \= ^ ^=
+ += - -=
>> Operator >>= Operator <<  <<=
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