Citrix Receiver 4.6 and lower in combination with a Windows 10 desktop can result in validation errors

The Issue

You have LoadGen Agents installed on a Windows 10 machines and you want to run a Citrix Test. The connection is made with the LoadGen Agent machine, and the test user is started to run your Citrix Published Application or Desktop. You see the session has been started and connected.

The Problem is you will receive a Logon Failed transaction.

The Screenshot that you will see in the results is the following, it will only show you a white screen with Connected on it:

Solution: Check your Citrix Receiver version

The first step you have to take is to check which Citrix Receiver version is installed on the LoadGen Agent Machine. 

We have experienced this issue when running Citrix Receiver 4.6 or lower in combination with a Windows 10 Machine. You need to upgrade your Citrix Receiver to version 4.7 (up to 4.12) and it will solve your issue.

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