When to use LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing?

The extensive LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing options make it possible to create simulations and functional tests for users that address their specific queries. Different test cases can be created in LoadGen Studio that focuses on aspects such as functionality, user convenience, efficiency, and flexibility. A time-saving method that can be integrated with build automation tools such as Jenkins and Visual Studio Team.

Once the test cases are ready, LoadGen Launcher runs the functional tests and generates clear reports immediately. Failures and their corresponding problem areas are reported directly, allowing developers to target the issue. It’s fast and efficient! Visually search for one of the application’s functionalities, or check if certain checkboxes are ticked off, for example. LoadGen Functional | Automated Testing gives you the option to search through images and controls.

The LoadGen Launcher is easily integrated as the final step in the build automation (Jenkins and VSTS). This significantly accelerates the release time as LoadGen Functional | Automated Testing executes actual tests from the user’s point of view. One of the many benefits of LoadGen. 

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