Release: LoadGen

Release date

February 14th, 2018

LoadGen General

  • LoadGen 5.0 first public release

LoadGen Configurator

  • New product for easier installation of LoadGen software 
  • Easy configuration of LoadGen for a first-time use
  • Start a test immediately after finishing the LoadGen Configurator with the LoadGen Basic Flow

LoadGen Director

  • Clear and simple canvas to visualize the entire route from a user simulation to its target 
  • Basic licensing with simple configuration options and 25, 50 or 100 test-users
  • Enterprise licensing with any number of test-users and more advanced configuration possibilities

LoadGen Studio

  • Added application and file-system actions for Local client environments 
  • Added validation on Windows and controls for Local client environments
  • Faster development and easier debugging of your flows 

LoadGen Functional Studio

  • New product for functional and automated testing on the local machine
  • Automatic reports of a test-run, in DocX or PDF format
  • Validation of controls and images, with screenshots of each validation in the report
  • A database repository for easy re-use of test cases and test blocks
  • Database of previous test results for easy comparisons
  • Command-line options to integrate into a workflow 
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