Tutorial: Set up LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing environment

Step 1: Choose the LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing option

  1. Choose LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing in the tab page LoadGen Testmode within the LoadGen Configurator.
  2. Choose Next to continue.

Step 2: Download and install prerequisites

  1. Click the Download & Install button
  2. Make sure you have the VC Runtime libraries installed.
  3. Make sure you have read and understood the System Requirements of LoadGen.

Step 3: Choose the location of your repository and test results

  1. Choose the location for your repository and test results databases:
    • Repository database:
      This database will store all of your test projects, test cases, and test blocks.
    • Test results database:
      This database will store all your test results.
  2. If you have chosen the correct target location for your databases, choose Next to continue.

Shared / network location

If you want to run your LoadGen Functional & Automated Launcher from another workstation or server, you have to store the above databases on a shared / network location where all of the machines are able to connect.


LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing only supports Fat Client

At this moment we only support Fat Client, please vote if you are interested in additional platform support.

Step 4: Launch the LoadGen Functional & Automated Studio

  1. When you click on the
    button, the LoadGen Functional & Automated Studio will open and you can start working on your first functional test!
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