Is LoadGen Director the same for LoadGen Load & Performance Testing as LoadGen End-2-End Monitoring?

LoadGen Director for End-to-End Performance Monitoring is different from the Director for Load & Performance Testing.

The difference is that Load & Performance Testing uses a scenario to build up the load, and is not repetitive. So a scenario is executed once, and when it is finished, the test run is finished.

An End-to-End Monitoring solution does not use a scenario but a schedule. This schedule determines for how long a monitoring period will run, on which days of the week, and between which hours. The vUsers that are part of this solution will be used over and over again for each iteration.

LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring Transition

Please note that as of 2024, LoadGen has discontinued the standalone End-to-End Monitoring product. Our commitment to providing the highest quality performance and user experience monitoring solutions continues with the LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring Cloud edition. This cloud-based service is actively supported and offers advanced monitoring capabilities tailored for modern IT environments.

For users of our legacy End-to-End Monitoring tool, we provide resources and support to facilitate a smooth transition to our cloud edition. With LoadGen End-to-End MonitoringCloud, you can expect a more dynamic, scalable, and maintenance-free monitoring solution.

For the configuration of test users and LoadGen Agents within the cloud edition, please refer to our getting started guide in the LoadGen knowledge base.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you throughout this transition to ensure that your monitoring processes remain uninterrupted and efficient.


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