LoadGen Director End-to-End Monitoring Configure: Monitoring Schedule

LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring

Only available in LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring.

The Monitoring Schedule is only available in LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring. The Monitoring Schedule is used to set how often and when you want your flow to be executed.

Double click any icon on the canvas and select the tabpage Schedule. Here you will have an overview of your already configured schedules, click on the circle to select the schedule you want to use in your test.

On this page you are able to Add, Edit and Remove a schedule.

Monitoring Schedule loop

It is important that your Monitoring Schedule is not shorter then the runtime of your test Flow. If your flow runs for 15 minutes (also consider timeouts) than we advice you to set the Monitoring schedule to start every 20 to 30 minutes.

When clicking on Add or Edit the Scheduler phase configuration window will open.

You are able to do set or edit the following items of your Monitoring schedule configuration:
  • Name of this Schedule.
  • Description of this test (optional).
  • Startdate: when do you want the test to start. When selecting a date in the future the test will not start until that specific date. 
  • Enddate: until when do you want the test to run. If the date expires the test will stop.
  • On what days in the week should the test run? This can be everyday from work days or just weekends, depending on your needs in your organization. 
  • Time: between what times of the day do you want to run your test. Working hours, non-working hours, allday.
  • How many minutes should pass between each test? If your flow takes 5 minutes to run from start to finish having a monitoring schedule set up for every 10 minutes is advisable.

Monitoring Run Time

What are the most important times of the day to know how your IT-infrastructure is running. Also consider server downtime in your organization.  

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