Tutorial: Set up LoadGen Cloud for Fat Clients - Microsoft Windows environments

Step 1: Choose your Target Environment

  1. Select Fat Client we support Microsoft Windows 7 and higher, and Windows 2008 R2 and higher.
  2. Enter the name of your test below the question How do you want to call this test?
  3. Choose Next to continue.


No users need to be added

You don't have to add users to the Load Profile as we will use the LoadGen Agent credentials.


Step 2: Useraction Flow (User simulation / Test script)

  1. In the Useraction Flow tab page, you can select which Useraction Flow to use in your test. Read more about the Useraction Flow in this article.
  2. You have two options, either use the example user simulation flow from LoadGen or use a blank user simulation flow (this option will guide you through the LoadGen Studio setup flow wizard, where you can create your personal Useraction flow, after completion of your configuration).
  3. We advise you to use the example user simulation flow from LoadGen.
  4. Choose Next.

Step 3: Launch the LoadGen Cloud Studio

  1. When you click on the Save configuration and open the LoadGen Studio Cloud button, the LoadGen Studio Cloud will open and you can start working on your user simulation! 

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