Repository: Workloads

The workload will play a set of user simulation actions, using real applications and data. You can select the workload to use in your monitoring sessions. You can either use the default LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring workload (read more about this workload in this article) or create your own workload with the LoadGen Cloud Studio.


Create a new Workload

  1. Press the Create new Workload button.
  2. On the Create new Workload section provide the following information:
    1. The Workload name.
    2. The description of the current Workload.

Edit the name of a Workload or view the versions

To edit or view the different versions of a Workload you can click the gearbox icon in the first column of the main page of the specific Workload.


Edit the Workload with the LoadGen Cloud Studio

To edit a workload with the LoadGen Cloud Studio, make sure you have installed the LoadGen Cloud Studio, read more about the installation of the LoadGen Cloud Studio in this article. To open a workload follow this article.


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