Release: LoadGen

Release date

May 17th, 2018

LoadGen General

  • Named User Pack now automatically processed when available on application startup.

LoadGen Studio Functional

  • Major improvements in memory handling of repository and speed of application.
  • Improvements in repository size handling.
  • Better version management of blocks.
  • Export to pdf fixed.

LoadGen Studio Cloud

  • Updated models for use in LoadGen's Swagger page.
  • Improvement in login form use.

LoadGen Studio

  • By default the Logon, Initialize, Finalize and Logoff instances now have an empty useractions block.

LoadGen Director

  • Flow now always saved into canvas in Basic licenses.
  • Improved drawing of multiple active target environments in End-to-End monitoring.
  • Opening Studio from the Director will pre-select the Studio mode.
  • Empty blocks added to Logon, Logoff, Initialize, Finalize items when creating a new flow in Director.

LoadGen Agents

  • Added support for lock, unlock, logon and logoff to Agent Cloud mode 
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