Run multiple simultaneously running sessions on 1 LoadGen Agent

If you want to stress test an IT-environment and want to launch multiple sessions simultaneously, you will see a delay between the start of each session.


The process of starting a session on a LoadGen Agent consists of the following steps:

  1. The LoadGen Director chooses a LoadGen Agent.
  2. The LoadGen Director sends a session start command to the LoadGen Agent.
  3. The LoadGen Agent will spawn a sub process which will launch the actual session.
  4. The session launcher will prepare the basic information to continue building up the session.
  5. The session launcher will generate a PrepareSession event and will trigger the LoadGen Agent.
  6. The LoadGen Agent will trigger the LoadGen Director to release the connected session.

LoadGen and higher

We have changed the routine which signals a prepared session, which will speed up the process from an average of 30 seconds, to an average of 5 seconds (depending on the hardware specifications of the machines running the LoadGen Director and LoadGen Agent).


You can run sessions simultaneously by increasing the SessionStreams value:

  1. Open a Command Prompt with elevated rights (Run as Administrator).
  2. Type: cd %ProgramData%\LoadGen\LoadGen Director
  3. Type: Notepad LoadGenLoadBots.xml
  4. Search for your LoadGen Agent within the <LoadBotName> field.
  5. Change the value <SessionStreams>1</SessionStreams> to your specific value.
  6. Save the LoadGenLoadBots.xml file.
  7. Restart the LoadGen Director.


The change of the SessionStreams value will impact the LoadGen Agent on CPU and Memory.

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