Release: LoadGen

Release date

April 9th, 2018

LoadGen General

  • We are preparing for the LoadGen Cloud, start your tests via a couple of API calls! Please contact us for more information.

LoadGen Configurator

  • Preparations for Cloud services (2453, 2448, 2446, 2373)
  • Removed explicit Close button and added message to close event (2451)
  • Added explicit "Save configuration" text to last button of the Configurator (2449)
  • Added logic for enabling  the Next button on the Download & Install page (2371)

LoadGen Director

  • Small fixes in the Canvas
  • Scanning LoadBots would lead to "Destination array was not long enough" error (2415)

LoadGen Studio

  • Preparations for Cloud services (2445, 2444)
  • Updated the automatic acceptance of the a Legal Notice message (2447, 2454)
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