LoadGen Director: Tools Overview

LoadGen Director Tools, are additional Tools that are (most of the time) only needed to be set up to build the test infrastructure initially. If you select the Tools menu icon the Tools Ribbon will appear.



  • Run as profiles: Create and Edit your Run as Profiles here, you need Run as Profiles to log in to your machine install the LoadGen Agent, RDS add-in, or connect with Systems under Test.
  • User Creations: opens the Active Directory User creation wizard, read more here about using the User Creation wizard.


  • Datastores: to add, edit or delete your SQL Database which is mandatory for all tests to store test data and Systems under Test metric data.
  • Export Data: export your database to a new file location and edit it with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerBI.
  • Useraction Results: opens a window where you can see the useraction results you collected during your tests.
  • Performance Results: opens a window where you can see the Performance Counter results from different machines you collected during your tests.

LoadGen Applications

  • LoadGen Studio: shortcut to open the LoadGen Studio.
  • LoadGen Analyzer: shortcut to open the LoadGen Analyzer.

Help and Support

  • LoadGen Options: to change general LoadGen Director options.
  • Help: has a shortcut to our support webpages, and About LoadGen link including licensing.
  • About LoadGen: to show details of your LoadGen version including licensing.
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