LoadGen Director Tools: Datastores

Datastores holds your database settings. You need an active Datastore to be able to run a LoadGen Test. At this moment we support Microsoft SQL to hold your data.

When you click on Datastores from the Tools ribbon, a new tab will open with your Datastores.

You are able to Add, Edit, Clone and Delete your datastores here, you are also able to create a backup and with the Table management option you can see the tables you already have in your datastore.

When adding a datastore, you need to give it a unique name. 

Further you are able to set you database configuration, click ok when completed.

SQL Express

In case you are using SQL Express please add the \sqlexpress after the machine name.

Create a new database

  1. In case you don't have a LoadGen database already click the  sign.
  2. Enter a name for the database.
  3. Check your data and log file location and settings.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Your database is created.
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