LoadGen Useraction blocks

New Feature UserAction blocks

LoadGen has implemented a new feature: Useraction Blocks.

Available from LoadGen

LoadGen Flows with Useraction blocks are not backward compatible

What are Useraction blocks

Useraction blocks are a collection of actions from your flow, that you define as 1 action. This Useraction block can be repeated in multiple places within your flow.

Examples are a start-up routine of an application, a fixed save file protocol, repeated text input, or a recovery sequence. 

Implementing Useraction blocks

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to implement a Useraction block in your flow.
  • Open LoadGen Studio and open the LoadGen Recorder.
  • In the Toolbox, there is a new section, UserAction blocks. This is where all the Useraction blocks within this flow will be listed (at the moment it will be empty as there are no UserAction blocks defined yet).
  • To create a UserAction block go to a part of your flow that you want to make into a UserAction block.
  • The next step is to select (on the same level) the actions you want to make into a UserAction block.
  • Once selected, click with the right mouse button on the selected action and click the Create useraction block from selection.
  • A new window will open, please fill in a unique Useraction block name and add a description. Click OK when done.
  • A warning message will appear to ask to delete the selected actions.
    When clicking on Yes the selected actions will be deleted and replaced with your created useraction block.
  • After clicking Yes, the UserAction block will be added to your Toolbox and will replace the 3 selected Actions in your Flow.
  • You have now successfully added a UserAction block, you will be able to reuse this UserAction block anywhere in your script.

Edit existing UserAction block

When you have userAction blocks in your flow you can edit them at the following location:

Edit UserAction blocks

In LoadGen Recorder double clicking on a UserAction block will open the UserAction block editor.

  • Go to LoadGen Studio Main window, and click in General simulation flow on Start, you should see a similar window as below.
  • Click on the right of the screen on
  • This will open a new Tab with Useraction blocks and DataSources.

Refresh your UserAction blocks

You might need to refresh your UserAction Blocks to see your all UserAction blocks.

  • Here you are able to edit delete and add UserAction blocks. You also have the option to import and export Useraction blocks to other flows. 
  • When you want to edit a UserAction block, LoadGen Studio will open the LoadGen Recorder with the UserAction block loaded.
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