Is it possible to install multiple LoadGen products on the same machine?

Yes, it is possible to install multiple LoadGen products on the same machine. 
You can use either LoadGen Load & Performance Testing, LoadGen Cloud Studio for End-to-End Monitoring, or LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing beside each other on one machine. The only limitation is that you can't use the products simultaneously.


You have LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing installed

  1. Go to the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Type LoadGen Configurator.
  3. Follow this article.

You have LoadGen Load & Performance Testing or LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring installed

  1. Open the LoadGen Director or LoadGen Studio.
  2. Click the
    Help and About button.
  3. Click the
    About LoadGen Studio (or Director) button.
  4. Click the
    Licensing button.
  5. Click the
    Add license button.
  6. Insert your serial number and click OK.

If only LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing is installed?

In case you have run the LoadGen Configurator and choose LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing as the initial LoadGen product, you need to run the LoadGen Configurator again. In this case, the selected product files will be downloaded.

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