How to save all your charts at once

In case you want to save all of your open charts at once follow these steps:

  • In the LoadGen Analyzer go to the ribbon tab Chart

  • Press the Export all button
  • Choose the location you want to store the images and if you want to open the folder after the images are created

  • Choose which type of image you want (png, bmp, jpeg, tiff or gif) and the resolution


We advice you to use a higher resolution in order to integrate your images in a PDF of Word document

  • Choose which chart you want to export and press the


In this video you can see the steps on exporting the charts:


And the results of the above video:

Chart 1

Chart 2

Export only one chart?

The quickest way to export one chart is to activate the chart and press CTRL-C. Your chart is in the clipboard and can be directly used in your email or document.

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