LoadGen Director Configure: LoadGen Add-in

The LoadGen Add-in is a Windows Service that will extend the control and validation possibilities for user flows and session. The LoadGen Add-in can be used for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

You can let the wizard install the LoadGen Add-in software on the local machine or remote machines, but you need to provide (local) administrator credentials to connect to these machines. Once installed, you can use the LoadGen Add-ins in your tests and uninstall them from the LoadGen Director.

To manage your LoadGen Agents, double click on the LoadGen Add-ins or Citrix Enhanced tab page:

  • You now see the available LoadGen Add-ins.
  • You also have the option to manage your agents.

  • When you click on Manage you will open a new window with an overview of your LoadGen Add-ins. This is where you can control your LoadGen Add-ins.

Update after LoadGen updates

When LoadGen has an update, you must also update your LoadGen Add-ins. Just click on install and the add-ins will be updated to the latest version.

  • When clicking on Add will open the LoadGen Agent Wizard, enter the machine name you wish to add, select the Run as Profile for this machine (credentials to log in to this machine)

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