Datasources: import Datasheet in LoadGen Studio

You are now able to import XLS file in to Datasource. This should make it easier to add data in a datasource for your test.

Available from LoadGen

LoadGen Flows with DataSources are not backwards compatible

.Xls file only

.Xlsx is not yet supported with LoadGen, please save in the .Xls format

Adding a xls file in datasource

  • Open LoadGen Studio and navigate to Repository.
  • In the section Datasources click on 
  • An Open file window will be shown.
  • Click in the right bottom corner of this window on the dropdown icon next to LoadGen Repository Item. 

  • Select from the dropdown 'Excel Sheet (*.xls)'

  • This will show you .xls files in your folders. 
  • Select the prepared file you want to import and click on Open.

  • You have now added the file to your Datasources repository and you are able to implement and use it in your tests.
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