Release: LoadGen

Release date

November 11, 2019

New Feature

  • In the next couple of months, we will shift to a new licensing system. If you are interested in becoming an early adopter please contact us!
  • We are working on a Citrix Server Add-in component, which we will release in Q1 of 2020, if you are interested in becoming an early adapter please contact us! The Add-in will make it possible to validate window controls within the Citrix session. And a lot more enhanced features will follow!
  • We have added cursor control and an actual pixel color in the Pixel validation routine
  • If you export a chart in the LoadGen Analyzer with the Chart series list enabled, the chart list will be added to the exported chart

LoadGen General

  • In this build, we have added a lot of improvements and bugfixes!
  • Support for latest Microsoft VC Runtime package (2015-2019)

LoadGen Analyzer

  • Several enhancements and bugfixes (General)
  • Fix which corrupts the Y-axis values when exporting the chart
  • Fix in setting a manual value for y or x axises
  • Fixed the legend default save location

LoadGen Director

  • Several enhancements and bugfixes (General, Canvas, Load Scenario, Licensing, Executing test and dashboard)
  • It's now possible to save Load Scenarios per Load Profile
  • Opening Tools - Performance results opens DUAF Table 
  • If option file is removed (after forceful closing) the Tunnel through Director is disabled by default 
  • Load Scenario Y1 in case of many licenses is displaying a weird axis, we have changed this to a correct visualization
  • We have added the default columns SubtransactionTime and SubtractionName in the preview of Useraction Results 
  • We have added the variable time-out option for the RDS Connect time out

LoadGen Studio

  • Several enhancements and bugfixes (General, User Actions, Disabling Applications)
  • Several styling optimizations
  • Fixed an issue when deleting multiple application blocks only removes one 
  • Run flow from here hangs in first repeat routine
  • Long application block names are now displaying correctly
  • Static iteration repeat label shows minutes instead of counts
  • Renaming an application in the Recorder will not rename it in the Studio main window 
  • It's now possible to move multiple actions with mouse drag and drop
  • Fixed an issue where the tree view jumps to the top after copy, paste, delete of actions 
  • Subitems (of validations) is selectable again
  • The variable boolean option has been changed from yes/no to true/false
  • Fixed the Run Flow from here which hangs at login and not the place fired 
  • Fixed a new validation image shows the wrong image in the section image name
  • Mouse position action can now be chosen on the canvas
  • Now we can enable/disable/delete multiple Application Blocks at once
  • We added better scrollbar support for the LoadGen Studio Recorder in case of many nested items
  • We have added cursor control and an actual pixel color in the Pixel validation routine:

LoadGen Functional Studio

  • Several enhancements and bugfixes (General)
  • In the automation file, we now allow using a UNC path in to export files
  • When creating an automation file, the command line to copy is now correct 
  • Added a greyed-out checklist in case of clicking on or multiple items

LoadGen Agent

  • Several enhancements and bugfixes (General, User Actions, Disabling Applications)
  • Reduced the file size of the Agent components drastically
  • Fixed an issue when the Agent is running in an RDP session and the Citrix resolution is oversized than not the whole are is available in the validation
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