Release: LoadGen

Release date

January 9, 2019

This is our first major upgrade in 2019, with over 75 improvements.


New Features

  • VDI-Mode: is a FAT-Client feature where the agent doesn’t have to be online when the LoadTest is started, i.e. because the server has to provision the machine (VDI). LoadGen will start the test on this machine as soon as the Agent is responding. 
  • Lazy-SUT (Systems Under Test): To be used in combination with VDI-Mode. The Agent doesn’t have to be online when the LoadTest is started, as soon as the Agent is responding the System Under Test Monitoring will begin.
  • Read more about this new feature in this article.

LoadGen General

  • 50+ bugs smashed, including visual changes and crash fixes.
  • The newest version of VC++ - Runtime was not detected.

LoadGen Director

  • Added VDI-Mode and Lazy Systems under test.
  • Added Import Agents feature (Located under Help -> Import Agents).
  • Rescan Agents can now be done by selection or included agents.

LoadGen Studio

  • Some time format changes would result in a crash in Send TimeStamp.
  • The group Count is not properly updated in some situations.

LoadGen Agent

  • Added VDI Mode and Lazy-SUT.
  • Improved error handling.
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