LoadGen Director Configure: Testusers

Testusers are the users that you need to log on to your session. 

The main screen consists of two lists:
  • On the left: the available users. 
  • On the right: the users included in your test, and linked to a flow (useractions)
  • You just need to select and drag the users from the left to the right to include them in your test.

  • To add more users, click on the Create users... button at the bottom of the window. You have two options to add the users to your test. Manually or import through a .csv file.

  • To manually create users, select the option I want to manually add users.
  • In the next window enter on the the Username, Password and Domain.

  • To add users from a .csv file, locate the file and validate the CSV and click Next to add your users.

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