Does LoadGen support out of the box charts?

Yes, we have. These charts are called Common charts and you can find these in the Chart elements panel.

The Common charts are generated from both Performance metrics collected from the LoadGen Director during a test and user transaction and measurement data collected from the LoadGen Agents and the particular vUser sessions. 

The Common charts will automatically analyze the stored data in the SQL Database and offer you a suggestion per collected entity.

Performance metrics

The Perfomance metrics can be enabled from the Load Profile and Sytems Under Test tab page.

When you select the Default LoadGen counters, the Common charts in the LoadGen Analyzer can be used.

In the LoadGen Analyzer you can choose to create Common charts based on:

  • Processor
    • Processor Usage:
      • % Interrupt time
      • % Processor time
    • Processor Queue Length
    • Processor Context Switches/sec
  • Memory
    • General Memory:
      • Page File Bytes
      • Available Bytes
      • Committed Bytes
    • Paged and Nonpaged Bytes
      • Pool Paged Bytes
      • Pool Nonpaged Bytes
  • Network
    • Bytes Total/sec
  • Disk
    • Logical, Physical, and Virtual:
      • % Disk Time
      • Current Disk Queue Lenght
  • Sessions:
    • User Action Sessions
      • Initiated logons
      • Successful logons
      • Failed logons
    • Sessions per server:
      • Logon Events
      • Inactive Sessions
      • Total Sessions

Transaction and Measurement data

The Transactions and Subtransactions (Measurements) can be added with Validations via the LoadGen Studio. These Validations can be wrapped in Measurements, basically a stopwatch.

The Transactions and Subtransactions will be collected during a test and stored in the SQL Database. With the Common charts you can create the following charts:

  • Sessions
    • Logon Times:
      • Total
      • Per server
  • User actions
    • Transaction times (the whole runned Application)
    • Subtransaction times (the individual Measurements)

Subtransaction times (LoadGen Studio Measurements)

When you select the Subtransaction times from the Chart elements pane, you will be presented the following window. 

Select the measurements you want to incorporate into your chart and select the Representation. This can either be Statistics:

Or choose Times to present a detail overview:

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