Release: LoadGen 2020-Q4 -

Release date

December 31, 2020

Our last update for this year! We have decided to release LoadGen every quarter. So we will bring 4 updates per year. In this release, we smashed a lot of bugs and implemented different enhancements.

New Features

  • Our new licensing system is live, if you are still using our old licensing system please contact us as support will end December 31th 2020
  • You can now use CSV files in the sheet Datasource
  • It's now possible to send complete text files as a data source
  • Control validation is now 10 times faster!

LoadGen General

  • In this build, we have added a lot of improvements and bugfixes!
  • We fixed an issue where it is not allowed to add ;_ into a password for a SQL connection

LoadGen Cloud and LoadGen Insight

  • LoadGen Insight is running in beta now! If you are interested in becoming an early adopter please contact us!
  • Several enhancements and bugfixes

LoadGen Director

  • Several enhancements and bugfixes (General, Canvas, Load Scenario, Sytems under Test, Licensing, Executing test and dashboard)
  • Fixed an issue where creating a profile from the Configurator results in a crash of the LoadGen Director
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the About screen results in an exception
  • Fixed an issue with the command line values not send to the Studio or Analyzer when started from the Director
  • Fixed several issues with End-to-End and Load Performance profiles.
  • When creating a new canvas we will ask the user if it must be loaded directly
  • Fixed an issue where LoadGen Director options file could be corrupted if something in the Options has been altered
  • Several performance enhancements with installing Add-ins and LoadGen Agents

LoadGen Studio

  • Several enhancements and bugfixes (General, User Actions, Disabling Applications)
  • Several styling optimizations
  • Control validation is now 10 times faster!
  • Fixed an issue when adding actions in the LoadGen Studio Recorder to a sequence with no applications
  • Fixed an issue where closing the Studio and re-opening a new flow an exception occurred
  • Fixed an issue when adding a data source which will split the name into two columns
  • A major exception can occur when clicking the stop button multiple times when a session is starting up 
  • When using RDS and control validation you can receive an out of memory exception on Edge, which is fixed
  • You can now export and import multiple images at once in the options in the LoadGen Studio
  • Fixed an issue where export of the Logon block will result in not exporting all images (validation images)
  • We have added support for importing a CSV file as Datasheet  
  • Starting an application in Run is now starting the application in the session, also you can now use shortcuts like notepad
  • The Preview Window (Citrix and RDS) will now show an image of the current Sequence action  
  • Fixed an issue with importing Initialize and Finalize blocks
  • Opening a UserAction from the Repository opens the Recorder, you can now click to the applications
  • Fixed an issue where SyncOnPixel issue is moving 1-pixel 
  • Added explanations to several actions
  • In case of an existing validation without a measurement connected the measurement is now injected after the initial set-up of the validation
  • Added several options to Text Datasource
  • Fixed Intellisense in the LoadGen Studio Code Editor   
  • Filter Usertype based on the applications defined in the Usertype is now supported
  • Select Case refreshes properly now

LoadGen Functional Studio

  • Control validation is now 10 times faster!
  • Fixed an issue when using validation of a control and receive the error: Pipe is broken
  • If you receive this error: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information. Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data.SqlXml'. Please read this article

LoadGen Analyzer

  • The context menu in treelist is changed to the LoadGen Treelist again
  • Fixed an exception which could occur when using 0 or a non integer in the numeric field of the Average value  
  • When saving a common chart (trans/sub) now all of the items are properly saved

LoadGen Agent

  • Fixed an issue with validations (image and pixel) with a resolution smaller than the current Agent session
  • Fixed an issue where the resolution is -2 x and y pixels
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