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Wait for Download

The "Wait for Download" action pauses the execution of the test script until a file download has been completed. This action proves especially valuable in scenarios where a user interaction initiates a file download (like clicking a 'Download Report' button), and the subsequent steps depend on the successful completion of this download. By effectively monitoring the download process, this action allows the script to proceed with the next steps once the download has been fully completed. The ability to wait for a download ensures that tests accurately replicate real user interactions and expectations, consequently yielding reliable and authentic results.

In scenarios where the download does not initiate or complete, the 'Wait for Download' action can handle such exceptions. It can fail the measurement if the download doesn't succeed, thereby providing an accurate representation of the user's experience in the test report.

Flow Description

The given flow represents a typical scenario where the performance of a file download process is being tested. Here's the detailed description:

  1. Start measurement 'StartDownload': The measurement of the download process time begins with this step. It sets a stopwatch in action to capture the total time it takes for the entire download process.
  2. Wait for 'GetByRole(Button, where { Name = "Downloaden"};)' (timeout: 10, initial wait: 0): The script pauses until it identifies the download button on the page. The locator (button named "Downloaden") should be found within a 10-second timeout period, with no initial wait time before it starts searching.
  3. Locator not found/Locator found: These steps represent two possible scenarios. If the locator is not found within the specified timeout period, the script will proceed to handle this exception. If the locator is found, it moves to the next step.
  4. Left click at "LastValidatedLocator": The script simulates a left mouse click on the found download button.
  5. Wait for the Page to be ready (Load): The script pauses until the page has completely loaded after the button click. This step is crucial as it allows time for the download process to initiate.
  6. The download did not succeed/Fail measurement: If the download does not start or complete successfully, the script records the failure and stops the stopwatch. The failed measurement is flagged, keeping it out of the normal test results.
  7. Download succeeded/Stop measurement: If the download completes successfully, the stopwatch is stopped, and the elapsed time is recorded under the name 'StartDownload'. The successful download time will be saved into the database, contributing to the test results.

This flow allows for detailed, accurate testing of the download process, providing valuable data about the download performance and its impact on the user experience.

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