WebTesting: NS_BINDING_ABORTED Error in Firefox on Linux Agents

When running tests on Linux agents using Firefox, you might encounter the NS_BINDING_ABORTED error. This issue often arises when adding a 'Navigate To URL' action to the same website on which the test is running. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to rectify this problem. The solution to this issue is relatively straightforward - by adding a pause to the last item in a block, you can ensure smooth, uninterrupted testing.

The NS_BINDING_ABORTED Error: What is it?

The NS_BINDING_ABORTED error is specific to Firefox and is often encountered when a request made by the browser is cancelled. This error usually surfaces during performance testing when the browser is directed to navigate to a URL that is currently being used in the testing environment.

How to Resolve the Error

Resolving the NS_BINDING_ABORTED error involves adding a pause to the last item in the block where you are encountering the problem. This pause gives the browser time to completely finish processing the current request before starting the next one, which prevents the issue from occurring. Follow these steps to implement this solution:

  1. Identify the block where the error is occurring: Locate the block of actions that ends with the 'Navigate To URL' action causing the error.
  2. Add a pause: At the end of this block, before the 'Navigate To URL' action, add a 'Pause' action. The duration of the pause can be adjusted based on your needs, but a few seconds should typically suffice.
  3. Save your changes: Make sure to save your changes and then re-run the test to ensure the error has been resolved.
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