Safety and Security in LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring Cloud

LoadGen's End-to-End Monitoring Cloud edition provides users with regular, scheduled tests starting every 5 minutes and operating 24/7. It runs short user simulations on proprietary web applications, focusing on location-based trends in user experience. The simulations are performed from the endpoint, supporting platforms such as Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Azure Virtual Desktop, VMware Horizon, and Windows FAT Client (Windows 10 and Windows 11). It is ideal for use in production environments.

Safety Measures in Place

LoadGen's End-to-End Monitoring Cloud solution is designed with safety and security as a priority. Below, we discuss the key safety measures that have been implemented:

On-premises Installation

The LoadGen Cloud Agent is installed on-premises. We advise it to be installed on a local machine (outside of Active Directory) and on a separate VLAN to enhance security.

Controlled Communication

The LoadGen Cloud Agent is in control of data exchange with the LoadGen Cloud. It fetches and sends data from the LoadGen Cloud. Importantly, the LoadGen Cloud cannot send direct commands to the LoadGen Cloud Agent, ensuring that data flow is controlled and secure.

Secure Storage

All user information is securely stored per customer in Azure Key Vault. This includes user test accounts and local admin accounts for the LoadGen Agent.

Access Management

Access to the LoadGen Cloud is managed via Azure B2C AD, a robust and secure identity and access management platform. This helps ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the LoadGen Cloud.

By implementing these safety measures, LoadGen ensures that the End-to-End Monitoring Cloud edition remains a secure solution for monitoring the user experience and performance of your IT environment.

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