LoadGen Cloud 2022-Q1

Release date

March 29, 2022


LoadGen Cloud and LoadGen Insight

  • Password mismatch when editing user.
  • Disable multilanguage support (temporary).
  • Theme change results in incorrect colors and missing logos.
  • Unable to change user with additional role.
  • Enable the Enter and Cancel keys for actions.
  • Exception when saving a new Agent without a RaP.
  • The modal window doesn't select the first text field.
  • Importing multiple users with different file types.
  • Styling improvements for a specific window.
  • Rename "All Year" to "Indefinitely".
  • The default value of a Schedule is set to 15 minutes.
  • Change in "My Settings".
  • Add a help widget.
  • First-run overlay for help.
  • Button function clarification.
  • Move "Administration" to "Repository".
  • Standardize names of LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring.
  • Change Tenant Code Name.
  • Please use spaces between words.
  • Move Users to LoadGen Cloud Settings and rename it.
  • Add a separator to My Settings.
  • Restyled the Run as Profile menu.
  • Insight and Control Agents cannot be added.
  • Please restyle each modal.
  • Fixed some flaws in the setup of the Schedule.
  • Show the real username instead of the user ID while editing the user.
  • The widget should be available for tenants only.
  • E2E Wizard - implement service for the model to save.
  • Auto-Select New RaP and Display Selection.
  • LoadGen Schedule Changes Now Logged in Agent Log.
  • Enhanced Password Validation Controls.
  • Improved Modal Button Positioning.
  • Action Button in User Component Fixed.
  • Paginator Positioning in Audit Logs.
  • Display Tenant Name in Upper Right Corner.
  • Profile Wizard No Longer Hangs After Creating New Agent.
  • Select Existing Schedule in a Profile.
  • Fixed Next Button Issue in Profile's Test Environment.
  • Save New Profile Functionality Restored.
  • Smooth Transition from Import CSV to Normal Test User Screen.
  • Unified Styling of Dropdowns.
  • Create Test User from Profile Screen Fixed.
  • Profile Machines Online Status Issue Resolved.
  • Corrected Button Case for Strings with "New".
  • Agent Wizard Step Enhancements.
  • Improved Summary Display in Agent and Workload Wizard Step.
  • Cloud License Enhancements.

LoadGen Cloud Studio

  • Several enhancements and bug fixes (General, User Actions, Disabling Applications).
  • Several styling optimizations.
  • Fixed an issue where Application Blocks are not selectable / order is not correct.
  • Fixed an issue where you can't change the user type.
  • Fixed an issue where copy items to new block shuffle content order.
  • Fixed an issue where a new LoadGen App is created, Recorder opened, but not visible in Application Block items in Recorder.
  • Fixed an issue where Minimize, maximize, and close buttons are in the wrong location.
  • Fixed an issue where the collapse and expand the state of the user action treeview stays the way the user has left it.
  • Datasheets can now import XLSX files (make sure Microsoft Excel is installed).
  • You can now add line numbers in the Application Block.
  • Dragging applications in general flow will show a visible indicator.
  • You can now subtract and extract numbers from variables.
  • Add a button Default Expand All.
  • We made it possible to add a UserAction in a UserAction.

LoadGen Cloud Agent

  • Several enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Improved installation speed and checks.
  • Fixed an issue where LoadGen Agents do not unlock the machine automatically before a test starts.
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