Release: LoadGen 2023-Q3 -

Release date

2023 September 28

We are thrilled to introduce our Q3-2023 release of LoadGen Suite which features a robust and efficient web testing functionality. This advanced feature has been added to enhance the productivity and ease of conducting comprehensive web application testing.

With the Q3-2023 release, you can now utilize LoadGen Load & Performance WebTesting with the LoadGen Core Agent, compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Our user-centric testing capabilities include compatibility with major browsers such as Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, and now also including Webkit.


LoadGen General

  • Allow Separation of Core Agent: This new feature adds more versatility to your LoadGen experience by enabling the Core Agent's separation.
  • Add Web Testing Support powered by Playwright: In our commitment to boost your testing capabilities, we've introduced a major feature - Web Testing, powered by the renowned Playwright.

LoadGen Director

  • Transaction/Subtransaction Handling: Resolved issues with transactions/subtransactions handling a lot of data in WebTesting, ensuring accurate data management and representation.
  • SMD Updating: Fixed an issue where the SMD (Service Model Definition) was not updating correctly in WebTesting, ensuring accurate SMD representations.
  • SQL Data Transmission: Resolved a bug where data transmission to SQL was not functioning correctly in WebTesting, ensuring accurate data storage.
  • Chart Connection: Fixed an issue where charts were connecting to old tests in WebTesting, ensuring accurate chart representations for the current test.
  • Workload Exchange WebTesting Addition: Added WebTesting to Workload Exchange, expanding the workload testing capabilities.
  • User Iteration Saving: Fixed an issue where user iterations were not saved correctly in WebTesting, ensuring accurate iteration data management.
  • Chart Color Visibility: Resolved an issue where the chart color of the first Agent was not visible in WebTesting, improving chart readability.
  • NULL Record Filtering: Implemented a fix to filter NULL records in WebTesting, ensuring accurate data representation.
  • User Data Preservation Post Upgrade: Rectified an issue where user data was empty after an upgrade in WebTesting, ensuring data integrity post-upgrade.

LoadGen Studio and LoadGen Functional Studio

  • Several enhancements and bug fixes (General, User Actions, Disabling Applications).
  • Several styling optimizations.
  • Variable Action Copy Functionality: Resolved an issue in WebTesting where copying a variable action was not possible. Users can now copy variable actions as intended.
  • Screenshot Character Restriction: Improved the screenshot naming by forbidding specific characters in the screenshot name/optional message during WebTesting, ensuring consistency in file naming conventions.
  • Compile Error State Reset: Fixed an issue where a compile error in WebTesting did not reset the state correctly. The state now resets properly to ensure accurate testing sequences.
  • Block Execution Exceptions: Resolved issues with exceptions occurring while playing a block and running a Block in WebTesting, ensuring smooth block execution.
  • Datasource CSV Content Pasting: Implemented a new feature allowing users to copy-paste CSV content into an existing datasource, streamlining data input processes.
  • Playwright Update and Webkit Browser Availability: Updated Playwright and made Webkit browser available for testing, expanding the browser testing capabilities.
  • Measurement Screenshot Option: Introduced an option to disable sending a screenshot on Measurement fail, providing more control over screenshot management.
  • Web Regex nth Found Control Support: Added support for nth found control in Web regex during WebTesting, enhancing regex functionality.
  • View Screenshot Enhancement: Enabled viewing screenshots in control validation if an image is available, improving validation review processes.
  • Screenshot Red Area Highlight: Added a feature to highlight the area of validation in screenshots with a red area, enhancing visual feedback on validation actions.
  • Max Wait Time Adjustment: Provided an option to change the max wait time, offering better control over wait time configurations.
  • Image Validation Disappearance Option Fix: Fixed an issue with the image validation disappearance option, ensuring it works as intended.
  • Send Screenshot Functionality: Rectified an issue where the SendScreenshot function was not working correctly in WebTesting, ensuring accurate screenshot transmission.
  • If you receive this error: Unable to load one or more of the requested types, retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information. Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data.SqlXml'. Please read this article.

LoadGen Analyzer

  • Several enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Several styling optimizations.
  • (Sub)-Transaction Including Wastetime in User Charts: A new feature has been added to include (Sub)-Transaction along with Wastetime into user charts. This update aims to provide a more detailed insight into the transaction times and wastage, allowing for a better understanding and analysis of the test results.

LoadGen Configurator

  • VC Runtime Detection: Resolved an issue where the VC Runtime was not detected when already installed, ensuring accurate system configuration.

LoadGen Agent

  • E2E Username Handling: Resolved an issue where a username with a space resulted in an incomplete test. The usernames are now handled correctly to ensure accurate testing results.
  • WebTesting IP Address Transmission: Fixed a bug that hindered the sending of the IP address of the Agent during WebTesting. The IP address is now sent accurately to ensure proper connectivity and data transmission.
  • Core Agent Session Support: Enhanced the Core Agent to support more than 50 sessions simultaneously, improving the scalability of testing operations.
  • WebTesting Compile Error Indicator: Fixed a bug where a compile error didn’t give a visual indication during the test. Now, any compile error is visually indicated to provide immediate feedback.

LoadGen Core Agent

  • Multiple Display Settings Support for Linux: Added support for multiple display settings on Linux, enhancing the Core Agent’s flexibility on different operating systems.
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