Introducing Window Events: Enhance Your Workloads with Real-Time Monitoring

LoadGen is proud to announce a new feature in our Q4-2023 release – Window Events. This latest functionality is set to revolutionize how unexpected window events are handled during your workload simulations, offering you greater control and flexibility.

What are Window Events?

Window Events are a new, separate thread within LoadGen Studio that continuously monitors for unexpected windows that might appear during a simulation. When such a window is detected, the Window Events feature can perform a predefined action, such as closing the window, minimizing it, or any other specified action. This ensures that your workload runs smoothly without interruptions or manual intervention.

How to Use Window Events in LoadGen Studio

Step 1: Access Window Events

From the General Simulation Flow, you'll find the new 'Window Events' icon right after the 'Start' step, indicating the integration of the Window Events handling in the simulation flow.

Step 2: Configure Window Events

When you click on the 'Window Events' icon, LoadGen Studio will open the 'Select action editor'. Here, you can:

  • Add new cases for different window events.
  • Specify the title of the unexpected window to monitor.
  • Choose the action to be performed when the window is detected.

Step 3: Customize Your Actions

Within the 'Select action editor', you can customize what happens when an unexpected window appears. For instance, you can add a new case for each type of window event you want to handle.

Step 4: Review and Test

Once you've set up your Window Events, you'll see them listed in a separate block within your workload code, complete with a switch case based on the foreground window caption. You can add your custom mitigation steps within each case.

Step 5: Real-Time Monitoring and Mitigation

During workload execution, if the foreground window caption changes, LoadGen Studio will call the Window Event Handler block to check and handle the situation based on your configurations.

With the addition of the 'Window Event Handler', LoadGen Studio enhances its robustness by allowing users to proactively define responses to unexpected events, thus minimizing the risk of workload disruption.

Upgrade Compatibility

Existing workloads will be upgraded seamlessly to include the Window Events feature without breaking them. This ensures that your transition to the new functionality is smooth and hassle-free.


Window Events in LoadGen Studio is a testament to our commitment to providing users with tools that are not only powerful but also intuitive and responsive to real-world testing scenarios. With this feature, LoadGen users can expect their simulations to be more resilient and accurate, reflecting a true user experience. Try out this new feature today and take your workload simulation to the next level!

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