LoadGen Cloud 2023-Q4

Release date

2023 December 20

We are excited to announce the Q4-2024 release of the LoadGen Cloud, which brings bug fixes and new features to enhance the LoadGen experience. This release is focused on increasing the stability, performance, and user-friendliness of all LoadGen applications.

In our continued effort to streamline testing processes and enhance user control, we are proud to announce the integration of the 'Window Event Handler' feature into the Full Desktop version of LoadGen Studio. This new functionality empowers users to actively monitor and respond to unexpected window events during test executions. Whether it's an unforeseen error dialog or an unexpected prompt, the Window Event Handler allows for real-time detection and management, enabling users to define proactive mitigation steps within their test workflows. This addition not only bolsters the robustness of the testing suite but also significantly reduces the manual intervention required, thereby improving the efficiency and reliability of automated testing scenarios. Read more about this new feature in the following article.

LoadGen Cloud FrontEnd

  • Permissions in Organizational Units: We've addressed and rectified permission-related issues within Organizational Units, ensuring that access rights and roles are properly enforced.

  • Visual and Cosmetic Changes: A series of visual updates have been implemented, improving the aesthetic appeal and usability of the interface.

  • Exclusion of Certain User Roles from Organization Units Rights: Admins, Service, and Super Users are now appropriately excluded from the rights assigned to Organization Units, streamlining role-based access controls.

  • Dashboard Refresh: We've fixed the dashboard refresh functionality, ensuring that real-time data is accurately displayed and updated without manual intervention.

  • Systems Under Test Stability: Significant fixes have been applied to Systems Under Test, bolstering the stability and reliability of this crucial feature within the LoadGen environment.

LoadGen Cloud Studio

  • Several enhancements and bug fixes (General, User Actions, Disabling Applications).
  • Several styling optimizations.
  • Resolved issues with items not displaying in the Recorder.
  • Fixed a crash occurring in Studio when working with very large files.
  • Corrected the functionality of the 'Recent items' feature.
  • Solved the issue where 'Send Variable' could not send to locator variable.
  • Addressed the problem where the command line upgrade of LGS files did not work as intended.
  • Fixed the bug where copying Control Validation did not include control configuration.
  • Resolved the recording issue where interactions with hamburger menu buttons were not properly translated into objects.
  • If you receive this error: Unable to load one or more of the requested types, retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information. Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data.SqlXml'. Please read this article.

LoadGen Cloud Agent

  • Several enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Revamped Scheduling: The scheduling system within the LoadGen Agent has been completely overhauled. Now, all aspects of scheduling, including jobs, schedules, and workloads, are housed directly on the Agent itself.

  • Enhanced Security with Encryption: To safeguard sensitive information, all data residing on the Agent is encrypted, reducing the vulnerability of your testing environment.

  • Reduced Network Traffic: With this update, the LoadGen Agent requires less communication with LoadGen Cloud APIs. It only connects to download changes, thereby minimizing network traffic and reducing the potential for bottlenecks.

  • Agent Autonomy: The LoadGen Agent retains full control over its operations. It initiates all communication with the LoadGen Cloud, ensuring there is no direct traffic initiated from the APIs or LoadGen Cloud to the Agent—only the reverse is possible.

LoadGen Core Agent

  • Several enhancements and bug fixes.
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