LoadGen Cloud 2024-Q2

2024 June 28

In this release, we have worked diligently to enhance the LoadGen experience by addressing various bugs and adding new features. These improvements are based on feedback from our users and aim to provide a more seamless and efficient performance testing process. We encourage all users to update their LoadGen Suite to benefit from these enhancements. As always, we look forward to your feedback to continue improving and evolving in future releases.

LoadGen Cloud

Frontend Improvements

  • Profile in frontend seems to only trigger profile change when the name of the profile is changed: Fixed an issue where the profile changes were only triggered when the profile name was changed.
  • Recaptcha error on login page loadgen.cloud: Addressed a Recaptcha error that appeared on the login page.
  • Issue disabling user in Frontend, email becomes user name: Fixed a bug where disabling a user resulted in the email becoming the username.
  • Issue when multiple users are creating a profile in the same tenant at the same moment: Resolved an issue that occurred when multiple users attempted to create a profile simultaneously within the same tenant.

Workload and Marketplace Integration

  • Add connection in Workload to Marketplace: Added a feature that allows users to connect workloads to the Marketplace, enhancing the flexibility and utility of the LoadGen environment.

Scheduling and Dashboard Improvements

  • If the Tenant is disabled, we will not schedule any Cloud E2E test anymore: Implemented a check to ensure that Cloud E2E tests are not scheduled if the tenant is disabled.
  • Dashboard: Allow to convert normal dashboard to master dashboard: Added a new feature that enables users to convert a normal dashboard into a master dashboard for better control and organization.

User Management and Alerts

  • Don't allow spaces of weird chars in the username of RaP or Test user: Ensured that usernames for RaP (Run as Profile) or Test users do not contain spaces or special characters to prevent errors.
  • Alert trigger wizard could continue with a bad email address: Fixed an issue where an alert trigger could proceed even with an invalid email address.

LoadGen Cloud Studio

  • Citrix Enhanced is missing the feature Dual screenshot: Added the dual screenshot feature to Citrix Enhanced.
  • Command line switches not working: Fixed issues with command line switches.
  • When importing an LGA variables should automatically create the variables in the new workload if they do not exist: Ensured variables are automatically created in new workloads when importing LGAs.
  • Import of LGA results in Object ref not set: Resolved issues with object references not set during LGA imports.
  • Add a location to write IO Measurement Files too: Added the ability to specify a location for writing IO Measurement Files.
  • ControlFullPreviewImage is getting too big: Fixed issues with the size of ControlFullPreviewImages.
  • When starting recording applications with a lot of controls things seem to hang: Improved the stability of recording applications with many controls.
  • Extra options to Start Process Action: Added extra options to the Start Process Action.
  • IO Measurement change from int to long: Changed IO Measurement data type from int to long.
  • IO Measurement Action Delete doesn't generate a message in the status overview pane: Fixed issues with the status overview pane not showing messages when IO Measurement Actions are deleted.
  • Object reference not found exception: Resolved object reference not found exceptions.
  • Performance Action CPU is not working correctly: Fixed issues with the Performance Action CPU.
  • The remote server returned an error: (413) Request Entity Too Large: Addressed errors related to large entity requests from remote servers.
  • The recording button is disabled when having a VMware Horizon or AVD profile in Director: Fixed issues where the recording button was disabled with certain profiles.
  • Description cannot be saved: Resolved issues with saving descriptions.
  • Functional and Normal sometimes get referred to itself exceptions: Fixed exceptions where Functional and Normal refer to themselves.

LoadGen Cloud Agent

  • Delete operation conversion double to a string: Fixed an issue where deleting an operation incorrectly converted a double to a string.
  • Issue with CyberArk connection: Resolved connectivity issues with CyberArk.
  • IO and CPU measurements always iteration 0: Corrected a bug where IO and CPU measurements were always set to iteration 0.
  • If the ClientLogs folder does not exist the test will not start: Ensured that tests will start even if the ClientLogs folder does not exist.
  • Think is not ok: Fixed an issue related to the 'Think' operation.
  • Core Agent is not playing script: Fixed a critical issue where the Core Agent could not play scripts.
  • Generate an Error when the LoadGen Cloud.xml is not present in the LoadGen Core Agent: Implemented an error generation mechanism to alert users when the LoadGen Cloud.xml file is missing in the Core Agent.
  • Installer Agent Config seems to hang sometimes: Addressed an issue where the installer agent configuration process occasionally hung.
  • Adding a Core Agent via the Profile is not returning the newly created Agent: Fixed the bug where adding a Core Agent through the profile did not return the newly created Agent.
  • DUAFCache generates API Exception: Resolved an issue where the DUAFCache was generating API exceptions.
  • Issue with DUAF Cache on Full Agent Cloud: Fixed a bug related to the DUAF Cache on the Full Agent Cloud.
  • Issue playing Local Client no Load Profile found!: Addressed an issue where the local client failed to find the load profile.

By incorporating these fixes and enhancements, we aim to deliver a more robust and user-friendly experience with LoadGen Cloud. These improvements help ensure that our users can efficiently manage and execute their load and performance tests, providing valuable insights and maintaining the integrity of their testing environments.

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