LoadGen Director Overview

The LoadGen Director is the central application of LoadGen in which you configure and execute a load test (LoadGen Load & Performance Testing), or start a monitoring period (LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring), depending on your chosen software suite.

It contains all the information needed to execute a test, including the test users, the database for test results, the configuration and distribution of LoadGen Agents, and the buildup of the load.


LoadGen Director sections

The LoadGen Director has been separated into 3 sections, Configure, Run your test, and Tools


LoadGen Director - Configure

Within the Configure tab page you will see the Canvas that helps you to configure your Testusers, LoadGen Agents, Load Scenario or Schedule and Target Environment and select your Test Flow


  • LoadGen Director - Configure in LoadGen Load & Performance Testing

  • LoadGen Director - Configure in LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring

LoadGen Director - Run your test

In the section Run your test you can start your test or monitoring session. The Director will send all the configuration, including the test script (flow) to the LoadGen Agents that will execute the test. The Dashboard on the Run your test tab page will give you general information about your running test or monitoring session.


LoadGen Director - Tools

The LoadGen Director Tools will open the Tools ribbon. Within this ribbon, you can find the following options: Datastores, Run as profiles, and Systems Under Test.


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